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Building a one-time file sharing personal service with AWS CDK and Python

It happens every now and that I want to share a file which is big enough, or is sensitive content, and I cannot or I’m not happy to upload it on a public free service. When this occurs I start considering building a private version of a file sharing service, like one of the many free services out there, like WeTransfer or From a user experience standpoint, I would enjoy a simple HTTP API for uploading a file and getting a shareable link in return.

Why I choose AWS CDK over Terraform

I’ve been recently asked to provide a comparison between two distinct toolchains for infrastructure as code, Terraform and AWS CDK and express a preference for one that fits our project requirements. First of all, to help who is not familiar with the concept, we can say that infrastructure as code is an emerging practice that encourages the use of mutable infrastructure and frequent deployments, representing the infrastructure related resources and configurations trough some form of code representation.